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Ame Metcalfe

Ame Metcalfe Salon Business Coach

Business Coach

GROWTH – this is what happens when a “possibility enthusiast” meets you head-on with passion and proven coaching talent. I will help you implement sustainable systems so you can achieve your immediate and long range business goals.

Ame is a prime example of passion and talent colliding. She has served the industry since 1990 as a Salon Owner, Trainer, Coach and Service Provider. As an industry expert she loves to use her knowledge to educate, coach and empower those around her. One of her greatest accomplishments is leading her team to recognition by Salon Today as a Top 200 Salon in North America for growth, advanced training program, customer service, retail and merchandising. Ame is adept at growing a team of talented, educational powerhouses. She has mastered taking charge of her financial growth, currently working only 24 hours a week “behind the chair,” yet still earns six figures. Ame will successfully coach you to focus on the behaviors that will build your business.