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Explode Service & Retail Sales, the Guest Experience and Retention NOW!

If you are a Salon/Spa owner, manager or technician who is seeking easy, proven & repeatable business systems to instantly increase your sales, income and results, then this 3-day live workshop is IDEAL for you! Register for Champ Camp Workshop today and get ready to dramatically increase salon sales!


You will learn ‘HOW TO’

  • Increase your sales and income 20% to 100% NOW!

  • Win your guests for life in ONLY 10 minutes

  • Become a $100,000 to $200,000+ Salon/Spa professional

  • Get ALL your guests to come in 2 to 6 EXTRA visits per year

  • Educate every guest on every product in 30 seconds or less

  • Effectively add-on Services & Retail sales with confidence and integrity

  • Increase your earning potential EVERY DAY with a proven 5 step system

  • Discover how you are performing according to the Industry Performance Standards

  • Set, Track and ACHIEVE personal and business goals to turn your dreams into a reality!

  • All our systems are proven, scripted & repeatable we have already done all the work for you.

While other trainings tell you ‘what to do, and why to do it,’ Champ Camp teaches you ‘HOW TO’ do it! Our expert team is right there by your side – guiding you, helping you, role playing with you – until you get it!

Hear What Graduates Have to Say!

Vicki Hughes

Champ Camp was transformational!  I feel like I went in as a caterpillar and came out as a transformed butterfly. I’ve never been pushed that hard to really think about me, my life, and what I really wanted. The real gift was to be given all the tools to create the life & career I had always wanted but did not know how to make happen!”

Vicki Hughes, Owner, The Fairhope Salon, Fairhope, AL
Faye Khan

“Since completing Champ Camp and working with my Inspiring Champions Coach, my income has grown 60%, retail increased 280%, and my average service ticket grew by 65%. Best of all I achieved this growth working 20 LESS hours a week thus creating work/life balance. I have become a better mom, a better person and an overall better business woman.”

Fahmida Khan, Owner, Dzar Threading & Beauty, Chattanooga, TN
Katie Newman

“Since Champ Camp, I’ve grown so much! You helped me simplify and realize that’s it’s not about how many clients are in my chair but what I’m actually doing with the clients that I do have. You have inspired and motivated me to push myself and step out of my comfort zone and it’s working! My average ticket has gone up 113%. My prebook went from 43% to 78% and my retail to service consistently hits 21%! This is truly mind blowing to me and I’m so thankful.”

Katie Newman, Stylist, Douglas Carroll Salon, Raleigh, NC
Coral Pleas

“The best thing about Champ Camp is to be able to have your stylists go outside the salon for three days, get motivated, learn skills and techniques that don’t come from the owner, and then bring that energy back to the salon. The energy level in my business is constantly being recharged each time new stylists start and then attend Champ Camp.”

Coral Pleas, Owner, Cutting Loose Salons and Spas, Sarasota, FL

Champ Camp 3-Day Experiential Workshop Includes

  • Group discount rate in a 4-Star hotel

  • Develop a strong community with like-minded peers you will become friends with for life
  • A healthy hot lunch for all 3-days
  • Course workbook

  • Five Documents, Life Navigation system

  • Online VIP access to the Champ Camp systems

  • Hands on guidance from Certified Trainers


Meet Your Trainers

Lauren Gartland
Lauren GartlandOwner/Course Leader
Lauren’s life purpose is Inspiring Dreams and Awakening the Champion Within! Her passion is transforming Champions into Legends.
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Lance Courtney
Lance CourtneyCourse Leader
When your heart decides the destination, your mind designs the map, but your actions determine your arrival.
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Heather Goodwin
Heather GoodwinCourse Leader
Since 2007 I have owned and operated a profitable salon where we have created double-digit growth year over year through the implementation of the Inspiring Champions approach to leading and coaching my team.
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Next LIVE Champ Camp: February 26 - 28, 2023
Orlando, Florida

Investment For Champ Camp


Champ Camp | November 5 - 7, 2023 Atlanta, Georgia

Investment: $1,749 USD per ticket
Reviewer ticket: $849 USD (Applies only to those who have previously attended Champ Camp)
Payment Plans Available