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Jynelle Waymire

Jynelle Waymire Salon Business Coach

Business Coach

My passion is to help Salon and Spa Professionals reach their full potential through support, accountability and empowerment. Guiding motivated salon owners to their BEST LIFE is my commitment on this journey.

I am excited to share my knowledge and my passion to help you find your roadmap to success, so you may lead a life you love and achieve a business model that is profitable. I am very committed to my clients and willing to share my experiences so you, too, can change your life!”
Jynelle is a salon owner and business coach who has been in the salon industry for over 24 years. She turned a non-profitable salon into a thriving, profitable business by making major changes to the compensation structure, increasing retail sales, and pre-booking client appointments – all achieved by implementing the Inspiring Champions systems. She has decreased her hours behind the chair from 50 to only 25 hours per week, while still producing higher sales.