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Lance Courtney Salon Business Trainer

Certified Business Trainer & Dream Coach

When your heart decides the destination, your mind designs the map, but your actions determine your arrival.

Lance Courtney has impacted the Salon & Spa Industry since 1991 as a Keynote Speaker, International Business Trainer and one of only 600 Certified Dream Coaches© in the world. Currently, Lance is Vice President of easihair pro© as well as a managing partner.

He has appeared on Winn Claybaugh’s Interview with the Masters, as well as Tina Black’s Mastermind Group, and is also a featured author in the book, “Lessons From Empowering Leaders” by Dr. Ed Poole of Morgan James Publishing, Inc. Lance has empowered thousands of industry professionals in over six countries on how to “earn more, learn more and live a more abundant life” by dramatically increasing service and retail sales, retaining clients and boosting record profits, while having fun and accomplishing their life’s greatest dreams and goals.

As the creator and facilitator of Top Gun Front Desk©, the industry’s first ever, fully-interactive Front Desk Training webinar, Lance continues to share his rich industry experience, tremendous insight, sharp wit, and contagious enthusiasm with audiences around the world. His unbridled passion, knowledge and engaging humor will take you from “motivation to inspiration and give you solid tools to create measurable transformation in your life and business!”