Cash Flow Camp

/Cash Flow Camp

Do you have a written & repeatable system to increase your DAILY Service Sales consistently?

Do you have a proven & repeatable system to “up sell” WITHOUT feeling like a pushy sales person?

Do you have a written Vision Statement describing in full detail your ideal & best guest?

Do you have a written strategy detailing how you will increase your Sales by 20% to 100%?

Do you have a scripted & repeatable system for leading a Guest Consultation each visit?

Do you have proven & repeatable systems to double your current Retail sales NOW?

Do you have a scripted & repeatable system for Pre-booking 75% of your guests consistently?

Do you have written goals for your personal life and career?

Do you know how your business is performing according to the industry Performance Standards of all other Salon & Spa Professionals?

To date, have you received the vital BUSINESS skills, knowledge and repeatable systems to immediately GROW your sales, income and effortlessly increase your personal & team results?

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