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Do you know how to structure, read, understand, and analyze your Financial Statement?

Are you confident in analyzing your Financial Statement to make effective and important decisions on what changes need to be made for your business to attain the profit you desire?

Do you know the exact profitability of your service business? Not including retail.

Do you know what percent your total payroll is to service sales?

Do you have certainty that your CURRENT compensation is structured so you will attain your desired profit?

Do you know the exact profitability of your retail business?

Do you know the 3 ways you should be compensated as a business owner?

Do you know how to double your retail sales without relying on your team?

Do you have a written Vision Statement describing in detail your ideal & best team member?

Do you have a scripted, repeatable & proven system for recruiting, interviewing & hiring your Ideal Dream candidates?

Do you know how to write a “WOW” Ad that attracts ONLY Ideal candidates to you?

Do you have an easy, proven & repeatable system to know exactly HOW and WHEN to raise prices so that the business, team & clients are set up to win in this process?

To date, have you received the BUSINESS skills, knowledge and proven systems to successfully run an organized, systematized & profitable business?

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