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Improve Your Team’s Performance & Results through Coaching!

When you hear the word “coach,” a face may come to mind. It might be the coach you had in school, or some other coaching icon. Regardless of who you picture, the feelings and thoughts you connect with the word “coach” will probably be positive. Why? Because coaches—the good ones, inspire us to set goals and develop the skills to achieve them. They help us succeed by empowering us to live up to our potential.

In this one-of-a-kind Advanced Leadership Program, you will practice a proven step-by-step process to effectively coach, lead and grow your team to achieve higher levels of performance and results. This amazing program is unlike anything offered in the salon industry!!  The results speak for themselves.

Who should participate?

The Advanced Leadership Program is for owners & managers who want proven skills and repeatable systems to become a more effective leader, communicator and mentor. In addition, you will enhance your ability to implement change into your business in a systematic & proven way. Joining you will be up to 15 other business owners from around North America.

How does the program work?

The Advanced Leadership Program consist of (24), 90-minute interactive training sessions. Best of all there are NO airfare, hotel, or other travel-related expenses – we deliver this program right to you! You can literally participate from anywhere. Homework is assigned and monitored with each module to forward your effectiveness and results.

Phases 1 & 2: You will learn “How To”:

  • Successfully introduce coaching into your business using a 4-step launch system

  • Lead empowering one-on-one coaching sessions using a step-by-step coaching model

  • Clarify with each team member their desired outcomes and identify strategies for improvement

  • Learn in what order to implement the Champ Camp systems and how to introduce to your team

  • Listen effectively and ask powerful questions to empower your team to take responsibility

  • Conduct “WOW” team meetings that are fun, engaging, interactive and produce tangible results

Phase 3: You will learn “How To”:

  • Module 1:  Quantify your business with an easy technique to calculate & understand your vital numbers
  • Module 2:  Identify the top problems, obstacles and opportunities within your business

  • Module 3: Strategize changes in your business using a 16-step-by-step protocol
  • Module 4:  Notify your team of the change that is about to happen

  • Module 5: Energize and implement your strategy with unique and creative ideas

  • Module 6: Analyze the results produced from your strategy. Learn 10 -steps to recession proof your business

  • Module 7:  Modify your strategy to maximize your performance

  • Module 8:  5 fast growth business principles

  • Pre-requisite:  Must have completed CASH FLOW CAMP

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What People Are Saying

The Advanced Leadership Program gave me the tools and a step-by-step process to coach my team one-on-one. As of a result of this we grew the overall business 82% in 2017 with 6 team members. It taught me how to really listen and respond in a way that empowers my team to find the answers with in themselves. I simply could not live without the ALP as an owner and leader of my team.

Adelle Graham, Salon Adelle, Greenville, SC

The Advanced Leadership Program has been such an amazing eye-opening experience!  Debra Hanson leads a group of business owners through so many useful coaching systems that help you take your business and team to the next level.  We have redefined our leadership skills using all new learned systems we were taught in ALP.  It’s a must if you want to take your leadership skill set to the next level.

Henry Monreal & Liz Salcedo, Owners, Salon Ink, San Diego, CA

The Advanced Leadership Program will set you apart from any other industry Leadership Program because It provides a specific roadmap to lead your team forward through coaching.  This step-by-step coaching system sets your salon & team up to win!

Carol Bakowicz, Owner, Great Lengths Hair Salon, Memphis, TN

Meet Your Trainers

Phase 1 & 2 taught by Debra Hanson

My passion is empowering salon owners to develop their business, grow their team and increase their profits. I bring your vision for your salon or spa to life through comprehensive coaching and support.

Debra has personally trained all Inspiring Champions Coaches since the division was developed in 2004. She was also instrumental in developing the Advanced Leadership Program and she facilitates this program to effectively teach you how to coach your team towards success. With more than 30 years of experience as a salon owner, she has coached hundreds of owners to successfully grow their business and increase profits. Many of the owners she has coached have been honored in Salon Today’s Top 200 Salons. Debra is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) who holds you accountable to your vision. Her coaching and support allows you to become a stronger leader that creates an exceptional workplace and achieves optimal performance from your team. Debra “brings life to your vision” and partners with you on your journey to success.

Lori Davis Picture

Phase 3 taught by Gary Ahlquist

I’ve always taught my son that choices have consequences. If you choose to work with myself and the Inspiring Champions team, your consequences are going to be growth, prosperity & profit!

Gary Ahlquist is a Salon and Spa cash flow expert. He has a proven track record for dramatically increasing cash flow and profit in Salons & Spas throughout North America. With over 30 years of hands-on experience as a business consultant, Gary is one of the most recognized and sought-after experts to advise owners on their business. Gary has developed hundreds of salons and spas, consulted and trained over 9,000 businesses and trained more than 750,000 Licensed Service Professionals.

Gary’s skills include Salon/Spa business finances, advertising, marketing, operations and development. Additional achievements include building two manufacturers, managing 45 distributors, as well as marketing a 4,500-store salon franchise. You won’t want to miss the wisdom of the industry’s leading cash flow expert.

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LEARN MORE CALL:  U.S. 1-619-280-5070 Canada: 1-800-496-9305

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