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Attention All Champ Camp Graduates!

Do you remember the clarity, confidence and hope you received at Champ Camp?

Do you remember the energy and enthusiasm you had to take your business to the next level?

The Soaring Eagle Program is designed as a powerful support system to keep the momentum going that you received at Champ Camp.  You will develop new habits and put into action the systems you learned.

What to Expect

This program consists of (12) 90-minute, interactive webinars with up to 20 other Champ Camp graduates.

As a participant in this course you will:

  • Grow your sales, income and confidence

  • Learn how to create balance in your life & career

  • Set crystal clear goals with an action plan to achieve

  • Develop new habits that promote long term substantial change

  • Be mentored by a business coach who will keep you focused and moving towards your goals

Get started on your business transformation TODAY!


What Graduates Are Saying

I truly did not see my full potential until I joined the Soaring Eagles Club.  My numbers are now living proof of my hard work and success.  Soaring Eagles has been my foundation, has helped me set new standards and changed my perspective on success! Working smarter and not so hard is what I live and breathe, and I have Soaring Eagle Club to thank for that!” My average service ticket increased 155%, my average retail ticket increased by 51%, and my pre-booking increased 220%

Brooklyn Moss, Stylist, Kansas City, MO

Through participating in the Soaring Eagle Club, I have learned to persevere in all areas of my business, and my personal life as well.  This program has grown me beyond belief! The wealth of information, training, mentoring and leadership from our awesome coach Jill and her partner Kathleen was amazing!  I focused on the work, used the tools provided, and believed in myself.  The results are so worth it!  My increases were: Average service ticket increase: 100%,  Average retail ticket increase:  52%  Pre-booking: 42%. I’m so happy I decided to join Soaring Eagles Club!

Tonya Lombardo, Stylist, Katie’s Korner Salon, Washington, MI

The Soaring Eagles Club taught me how to accomplish what I have tried to do on my own for 21 years. After using these systems, I sold in 1 day half of my entire monthly retail goal.  I haven’t felt so accomplished since giving birth to my son nearly 8 years ago!  Hard work and dedication really pay off!  Average service ticket increase 92%, average retail ticket increase 280%, Pre-booking increase 32%. Thank you so much!

Heather Ludwigsen, Stylist, Salon Adelle, Greenville, SC

Who Should Participate in Soaring Eagle Club?

Salon & Spa technicians who are ready to improve every aspect of their business while creating life/work balance.

What is included in the tuition?

  • Course workbook
  • Live recordings for each session
  • Online VIP access to the Soaring Eagle systems
  • Hands on guidance from a Certified Trainer & Coach
  • Group Facebook page to network and collaborate with other individuals in the program

Meet Your Trainer

Jill Ruone

I serve business leaders who want to increase sales and reduce expenses for operational efficiency. I will help you create a dynamic team and culture through a systematic approach.
A profitable Salon & Spa owner for 20 years, a Certified Business Coach and Trainer for over 10 years, and a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer – Jill is an expert in growing businesses by developing owners and teams. Through an individualized strategy, Jill collaborates with owners to identify operational areas to decrease expenditures while concurrently implementing systems to increase revenues. Jill’s expertise and knowledge gives her firsthand experience on what it takes to be successful from the inception of a business plan, to annual strategic planning, as well as an exit strategy. Jill is a trainer for both Champ Camp and Cash Flow Camp, as well as the onsite trainer and facilitator of The Soaring Eagle Club, a live, interactive webinar series that enables participants to earn more while working less hours.

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What is the investment: (payment plan is available)

Investment: $1,299 USD

Reviewer: $849 USD (Applies only to those who have previously completed the Soaring Eagle Program)

LEARN MORE CALL:  1-800-496-9305   

Get started on your business transformation TODAY!